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September 28, 2022

Caring for Our Community for 30 Years

Posted by
Mark Gause

Since Escambia Community Clinics was renamed and rebranded as Community Health Northwest Florida (CHNF) in 2017, the leadership at CHNF and the team at idgroup have continued to focus on the organization’s brand ecosystem—Vision, Identity, Culture, Image and Reputation. 

Founded on the belief that all human beings have a basic right to healthcare, the mission of CHNF is to provide a full range of health and wellness services to all who walk through our doors. Committed to assuring access to affordable, quality healthcare for the underserved, underinsured and uninsured population, the healthcare professionals at CHNF treat each person with respect, dignity and compassion regardless of age, gender, race, religion, circumstances or ability to pay.

This is reflected in a single brand promise: Healthcare within reach.

In 2022, the organization celebrated a major milestone — 30 years of caring. With pearls being the traditional 30th anniversary gift, the celebration was themed around pearls of wisdom and grains of sand. The ceremonial graphic was designed with 17 points in the outer ring to symbolize grains of sand for each of the CHNF locations. From there, the team at CHNF developed banners and a series of events with staff, stakeholders and partners, while the team at idgroup supported their efforts with a print advertisement, invitation, video and commercial package, custom photography, billboards and content curation for social media. 

Steadfast and resolute to their mission and brand attributes, the celebration embraced the community served by CHNF. It showcased people and partners in the community alongside people at CHNF. It reflected how CHNF and their partners are changing lives by answering the call to serve others. And it showed that Community Health Northwest Florida has, and will continue to, fulfill its promise of putting healthcare within reach.