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March 21, 2023

Questions & Answers with Somi Choi

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We believe in perpetuating the purpose and values of the organization through employees. Team engagement is one of the five core elements we focus on in an effort to elevate our culture together. Today, we wanted to introduce one of our idgroupers, Somi Choi, so you can learn more about our team members.

Name: Somi Choi
Role: Executive Director, Creative Services
Years at idgroup: 11 Years
Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Q. Where did you grow up?

A: I was born in Seoul, South Korea, then my family moved to Honduras when I was in high school.

Q. Where do you live currently?

A. Pensacola, Florida.

Q. What do you do at idgroup?

A. Executive Director, Creative Services

Q. How long have you been with idgroup?

A. 11 years in May.

Q. What certain core values do you have in common with idgroup?

A. Continuous learning and Curiosity.

Q. What are your guiding principles in life?

A. Keep learning and ask better questions. Don’t assume that you know everything and miss an opportunity to grow and expand beyond.

Q. What are your favorite hobbies?

A. Swimming, traveling for food and new experiences, painting, and getting back at cooking Korean food have been my recent favorite things to do!

Q. Tell us about your fur babies!

A. I have 2 cats and a pupper. My cats—CC (Cookies & Cream) and Razie— are unusual ones because they are afraid of heights and won’t scratch furniture. Sheebs (aka Sheba) is a bit over 15 years old Shiba Inu and we were lucky to run into each other at a shelter, she was 8 years old and I was looking for an older dog to adopt. She’s been my joy and brought so many smiles into my life, and even with her age, she still has zoomies and LOVES yogurts and carrots.

Q. Tell us about your community involvement and volunteering opportunities.

A. I’ve done several outdoor murals around Pensacola with Veronique Zayas that has become an attraction point for tourists. 

Past few years, I’ve been solely focused on participating in idgroup’s Brand on Us™ initiative where idgroup and our partners come together to give a deserving local nonprofit’s branding and organizational development needs. Our Corner (formerly known as Keep Pensacola Beautiful) was our 10th recipient last year and this year's recipient is Freedom School. Looking forward to being part of bringing positive and meaningful impact on both the organization and furthermore to our community!