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May 2, 2024

Tampa Family Health Centers Sees Healthcare Differently

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Christine Deckert

Tampa Family Health Centers Sees Healthcare Differently

Innovation in healthcare requires a deep understanding of patient populations and how needs evolve over time. For Tampa Family Health Centers (TFHC), that foundation of understanding was built through their grassroots efforts to provide healthcare access to Tampa’s inner city neighborhoods. What started with a clear purpose to change lives and improve health 40 years ago is now a new healthcare model that provides every person with access to integrated primary care, no matter their socioeconomic status. 

Translating 40 Years of Impact into Strategic Growth

To mark this major milestone, TFHC recommitted to their purpose by engaging its leadership and employees to co-create the TFHC story and three-year strategic plan. Harnessing the power of idgroup’s From The Core™ strategic planning and stakeholder engagement framework, TFHC embarked on a transformative journey to position the organization for growth. 

Stakeholder Engagement Shaped TFHC’s Story

As strategic partners, idgroup conducted research to uncover diverse perspectives from leadership, employees, community stakeholders and the marketplace. In-person dialogue workshops were held in Tampa and designed around the organization’s identity and aspirations for the future. By engaging stakeholders in the change management process, TFHC aligned their strategic direction with clearly defined intentions at every level of the organization. The research confirmed that "Quality Healthcare for All” remained a significant component of the organization’s purpose. Additionally, idgroup’s strengths-based framework for organizational development shaped TFHC’s competitive advantage to grow their reputation in the marketplace.

Purpose: We exist to change lives and improve health by providing access to quality healthcare for all.

Building Identity Around Shared Purpose

Aligning an organization’s identity, vision and reputation is both an art and a science. idgroup’s team of researchers, strategists and visionary creatives pulled rich insights from the dialogue and contextual findings and clearly translated those findings into TFHC’s identity map. An identity map reflects how an organization sees itself and provides the basis for the narrative that unleashes its positive potential. Effectively deployed, an identity narrative influences the perceptions needed to tap into audience motivations – giving them a reason to choose TFHC over other healthcare providers.

Aspirational Reputation: We are leaders in empathy, equity and innovation. We are known as a mission-driven team focused on delivering a system of high-quality, integrated primary care to everyone who needs it and doing so with unyielding compassion and respect. 

Imagining Healthcare As It Should Be 

In order to realize an organization’s full potential, performance and perception strategies must work in harmony to elevate experiences that deliver on expectations. As TFHC’s new rebranded identity took shape, it was critical to build a strategic plan that guaranteed the organization could live up to the story it would tell. idgroup’s research and consulting honed leadership’s view of five areas of strategic focus. Within each focus area, statements of intention, goals and key performance indicators were defined to guide the development of actionable objectives that TFHC would complete over the next three years. 

From Strategic Plan to Shiny New Brand 

The story that emerged from the organization’s new identity and the strategic plan positioned TFHC to launch their new brand through a high impact campaign. idgroup created a modern and distinctive new look that elevates innovation, integration and forward movement. 

In the campaign, titled “Breakthrough,” the source of brilliant ideas is TFHC’s whole health philosophy, which provides caregivers, patients and community members alike opportunities to “see healthcare differently.”

It’s about You. All of You

“You” applies to our patients, communities, and employees. “All speaks to our dual focus on caring for the whole person and being inclusive of all people.  

idgroup produced a full suite of brand and campaign assets, including print materials, billboards, digital collateral, video ads and a complete website transformation to bring TFHC’s new brand to life. 

As the direct result of TFHC’s participation in idgroup’s From the Core™ stakeholder engagement and strategic planning process, this new brand and campaign reflects the best of who they are and positions the organization for growth. Their strategic plan, aptly named “Breakthrough 2027: Pioneering New Models in Healthcare,” lays their path forward to achieve the ultimate competitive advantage–a relevant, respected and trusted reputation in the market. From our entire team at idgroup, cheers to the next 40 years!

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