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Escambia County Public Schools



In November of 2018, voters in Escambia County elected to adopt a system in which the Superintendent of the Escambia County Public Schools is appointed rather than elected. In November of 2020, Dr. Tim Smith became the first appointed superintendent to lead the school system. 

As the new leader of a district which at the time had 38,000 students in 61 schools, special centers and other programs1 Dr. Smith recognized the need to bring all of the employees, board members, partners and community members together to build a shared vision and plan for the future of the district. 


idgroup partners with clients to unleash the positive potential of their organization. As a Certified B Corp, we strive to work with organizations which are making a positive impact on the communities they serve. The opportunity to help shape the future of the school district was an opportunity near to our hearts and one which we took very seriously. 

idgroup was working with the School District on a rebrand when Dr. Smith was appointed. He invited idgroup to continue the From the Core approach to take the Branding from the Core ® plan and to expand it to the full Integral Plan. With approval from the School Board and with the commitment of his executive leadership team, the work commenced. 

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The leadership team honed in on five major areas of strategic focus and goals they felt would achieve the best interests of the district. They then brought together employees to form Focus Teams to build out the Key Performance Indicators and Objectives that would drive the results needed to achieve the goals. 

The final plan was approved by the School Board in February of 2023 with the intention to be rolled out into action plans that would ensure every action at every level of the organization was furthering the strategic goals to ensure all children in the district succeed.

The Future of ECSD site: thefutureofecsd.org

Images: Community Health Northwest Florida’s Leadership and Stakeholder Dialogue Sessions.
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