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Designing a Simpler Way to Protect Surfaces in Your Home

How do we position an incredible raw product as the gold standard in stone and stainless steel sealing and protecting?


The creator of SimpleCoat came to idgroup in 2018 with a raw product—no name, visual brand, or marketing plan. The product was incredible, light years away from other stone sealers and protectors on the market because of a proprietary technology. Even better? It was 100% nontoxic, odorless and free of dyes and solvents. We were itching to create a brand that would reflect its superior qualities and simple, unfussy product experience.


After learning about the unique attributes of the product, idgroup developed concepts for a visual identity. National market research for public opinion on the visual identity of the brand and local focus groups to test product experience relative to the brand were conducted. From there, idgroup got to work refining the visual brand and developing a marketing campaign positioning the product as the simpler way to protect surfaces in your home.

The Results

In May 2019, SimpleCoat was launched for sale on Amazon, and digitally marketed across the web with a brand video, a how-to video, PDF product benefit sheets and instructions and a library of custom photography which led back to a website that matched the visual brand. SimpleCoat is changing the way people protect, polish and seal their home’s surfaces, giving consumers a superior stone and stainless steel sealer and protectant that also happens to be free of harsh chemicals, dyes, fragrances, toxins, and solvents. SimpleCoat has been received extremely well in the marketplace, evidenced by glowing 5-star reviews and soaring product sales—a testament to collaborative strategic alignment of brand identity and product experience.

"I had this very, very narrow view of what branding and marketing would look like, and after I worked with idgroup, it expanded to a global idea. It’s been a terrific journey for me.”

Scott Hinton

Founder & Creator of SimpleCoat

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