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Educating Homeowners on a Smart Way to Avoid Major Repairs

How do we retain customers to increase repeat business, grow revenue for other trades services and ultimately, create customer loyalty and advocacy?


Peaden Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical has been in business since 1969. A family run and locally operated company, the Peaden Pros serve homeowners in three markets—Panama City, Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola, Florida. Since 2016 when we reworked and reframed the Peaden brand as “the professionals you can trust,” we have focused on building awareness, interest and action, especially for AC sales and service. To heat up more repeat business, we were eager to go beyond the traditional industry sales approach for maintenance plans to concentrate our communications efforts on the loyalty and advocacy side of the brand continuum.


After assessing the existing maintenance membership plan and public opinion around these types of plans, idgroup proposed that Peaden adopt a productization strategy. From there, idgroup developed concepts for a name, visual identity and campaign. We refined the videos for mass and social media, and implemented digital and email marketing campaigns to educate current and new customers on the need for regular AC maintenance, especially in the corrosive environment along the Gulf Coast, and the overall value of being a SmartCare member.


In 2020, Peaden launched SmartCare to its maintenance and non-maintenance customers through direct sales and drip marketing emails developed by idgroup and deployed through ServiceTitian, an industry software program. The Peaden team at idgroup used broadcast, digitally and social media to market SmartCare into homes up and down the Gulf Coast. 60-second, 30-second and 15-second videos, custom social media posts, how-to style videos, and an informational tri-fold piece introduced homeowners to SmartCare and connected them to informative and educational-focused landing pages branded with SmartCare visual identity and powered by Peaden. A majority of the website users who engaged the SmartCare landing page came from non-paid organic and direct sources which is evidence that the combination of TV, digital and social media successfully placed SmartCare top-of-mind with homeowners. In its first year, SmartCare outperformed expectations with a 22% increase in the Pensacola market alone—compared to previous years when the maintenance memberships were not a branded product and were marketed through a direct sales channel only.

"We have gotten a lot of positive responses from clients, industry partners and our internal staff. Not only does it look good, it helps differentiate us from our competition and builds value about our program.”

Briant Daws

President of Peaden

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