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June 21, 2023

Connecting With All Things Peaden

Posted by
Mallory Higgs

Now, more than ever, businesses are realizing they have to connect with their customers. Not just in a way that sells a product or service, but in a way that forms a relationship and humanizes their brand. It’s no longer just about product features or swanky sales slogans. It’s about creating a connection and building a loyal tribe of customers. 

At Peaden, they've figured that out. They know that creating a culture of freedom and personality breeds an environment of positivity and hard work, and that happy employees create one of a kind experiences for their customers. 

But the underlying question clients like Peaden come to us with time and time again is how and when to share that with the world. How do you ensure that customers know what it's like behind the scenes and how can they connect with the efforts you make to support your team, your customers and your community?

For Peaden, we created a YouTube series called Peaden Connect. This series allows us to interview customers, team members and community partners to learn first hand why Peaden is special to them. We’ve uncovered unique and heartwarming stories and we share a new one every month.

Peaden Connect crew with a SmartCare customer.

It's easy to spout competitive differences and unique selling propositions or to say that you care about your team members and customers, but it's another completely different story to be able to show it.

Take Fulton for example. I’d be willing to bet that there aren't many air conditioning, plumbing or electrical companies out there that would befriend an 11 year old with an interest in AC. But Peaden did. And with the creation of Peaden Connect, they now had a platform to share their story.

Peaden Technician working on a HVAC unit with Fulton.
Fulton Hampton
Fulton using electrical device with a Peaden Technician.

Customers care what kind of business you run. They care how you treat your employees. They care about your community involvement, and they care what other customers have to say. Whether your platform is a combination of YouTube, Apple podcast, blogs, newsletters, social media or another outlet, we encourage you to tell your story. Pull back the curtain and let your customers see the real you.

Peaden Technician with Fulton.

Looking for a little video inspiration? Be sure to watch some of our favorite episodes below: